New Beginning

It has been three years since I created my first blog. I have experienced many difficulties, from initially using Typecho and Wordpress to finally using hexo. I have always been looking for a convenient blog platform that meets my needs.

I initially used Typecho for less than a year. Although it was lightweight and had a much faster loading speed on a 1C1G VPS compared to Wordpress, it had fewer plugins and themes, and updates were infrequent. Eventually, when using php7.x, it started throwing errors.

Then I tried Wordpress. I had used the hosted version before, but the free version couldn't be linked to a custom domain. Later, I self-hosted it for over a year. Although Wordpress is powerful, it is too bloated for a personal blog. It was also a hassle to choose suitable themes and plugins. Moreover, there are many attack methods targeting Wordpress, making maintenance troublesome. In the end, my website was attacked, but fortunately, I had backups. After a period of inactivity, when I tried to restore it, the website completely crashed after a Wordpress automatic update 😂.

Finally, I tried hexo. I used it for less than six months, hosting it on my own computer. However, I found it troublesome and only wrote two posts before abandoning it (🤣).

Later, I saw someone in a group using xLog, so I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be quite user-friendly.

I won't say any more praises, as it might sound like an advertisement


For me, this is a new beginningafter all, I even changed my domain. Although almost all of my previous content was lost, I believe this is the first step towards a new start.

In the future, I will rewrite some of the tutorials I have previously posted 😁

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