The internet has no memory.

The internet has no memory.

When I say this, there will definitely be people who disagree.

The internet has made many people famous, and many things have been recorded, which was not possible in ancient times.

Although that is true, do you still remember the internet slang from a few years ago? Although you can still find some of these words in some encyclopedias, they will eventually disappear as time goes by.

Let me tell you a related story.

Once, when I was looking for information, I came across a post from around 2011. The original poster did a great job and uploaded the video to three video platforms, but it still couldn't be played. These three video platforms were Tudou, Youku, and Sina Video.

Tudou and Sina redirected to the homepage, and as for Youku, I don't know what happened, it's probably gone, the captcha doesn't show up.
Screenshot 2023-08-27 201233

There are records, but no one bothers to back up the ones that are not famous.

Some people might say, "But there's the Internet Archive!"

This guy crawled, but didn't save the video.
Youku requires login to play, so it wasn't crawled either.
Niconico, which was reuploaded, says:

In the 2010s, almost no videos were saved, and many interesting videos disappeared completely with the transformation of Tudou and Youku.

There are many popular videos from that time here, but as time goes by, few people remember these things.

This may not be much different from ancient times. Only the events of famous people will be preserved and passed down, while ordinary people will only be remembered for a short time or by a few people.

Even my cloud storage data couldn't be saved. It was cleared a month late.

Of course, I also know that nothing lasts forever. Perhaps after billions of years, all traces of human existence will be completely erased.

But I still hope that the information of ordinary people can be preserved for a longer time.

This article actually has no meaning, it's just meaningless rambling.

Originally, this article could have been longer and more artistic, but I didn't write it down in time and almost forgot about it.

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