The Internet has no memory - Continued

Due to recent archaeological excavations, I have been inspired to write about some current and future issues.

During the excavations, I encountered many short links, perhaps due to text limitations at the time. As a result, many short link platforms have shut down. Additionally, most people use short links generated by smaller platforms, which have a very short lifespan. However, larger platforms do not guarantee stability. Several months ago, the Twitter platform experienced a situation where tweets from before 2014 lost their images, which was caused by short link issues (although it was later restored). For example, the short link "" was shut down in 2017 and stopped accepting new links in 2014, but many links were created before that. It could be that previous articles were not taken into account or that the person changed their online identity, but the information was interrupted.

Ah? Physical Albums#

Some albums are so obscure that it is impossible to find information online, or there is information but no resources. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find them in the future. Surprisingly, Amazon can still find brand new albums from 10 years ago, which is quite unexpected...

And then...

Screenshot 2023-12-13 204538

I have become obsessed with collecting.


And on eBay, I discovered many overpriced second-hand items...

Shipping: Price+++

Helping others with purchasing might earn back the shipping fee, but I don't know what the situation with customs duties is (.

Screenshot 2023-12-13 205032

Disappearing Websites#

It could be blog platforms, message boards, or even forums that have become outdated, with fewer users, leading to website redesign or direct shutdown, resulting in the loss of all content...

An example is the Tianya Forum a few months ago, where a lot of high-quality content disappeared.

It could also be websites like Tudou and Ku6 from a few years ago, which used to have a lot of high-quality videos.

These types of websites rely on subscriptions or advertisements to make money. When the number of users decreases, it means the end for them.

There's not much to say about this... after all, it's a commercial nature, and if it doesn't make money, it will definitely be cut off or transformed.

Disappearing News#

Let's not talk about this...


Discontinued Games#

Some game developers choose to release offline versions or offer free character models. However, the majority of developers choose to directly shut down the game without any compensation other than refunding unused balances. It's difficult to evaluate this because offline versions and open models involve copyright issues...


I still hope that the future of the internet will improve, and hopefully, web3 will allow information to be preserved for longer.


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